White Witch Moth in a Frame


Thysania agrippina
Witch Moth

Species Name: Thysania agrippina
Common Name: Witch Moth

Origin: Peru
Size: 8" x 10" Black Shadowbox Frame

The White witch moth will interest many bug collectors, not only it's rarely seen but also considered to have the largest wingspan in the insect world. One story of the derivation of the common name: early naturalists collected specimens of birds and bats with shotguns. An enormous darting flyer high in the canopy was a tempting target. Firing a cloud of pellets at a white witch didn't necessarily bring it down, however, because the body is small relative to the wing area. The moth would sail along, an unkillable witch.

The zigzag pattern on the wings is absolutely stunning and helps the moth blend into the trees in its' tropical environment, camouflaging them from predators, which are mostly bats. Still to this day, not much is know about the life cycle of the White witch moth. The size and the mysterious look on this moth, seem something straight from a fairy tale.

Also called Thysania agrippina from its scientific name, they are found in Southern Mexico through South America,

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