Salamis parhassus in a Dome


Species Name: Salamis parhassus

CommonName: Mother of Pearl Butterfly

Origin: Africa

Size: 3.5" Wooden Base x 4.5" high

Ahh...! Now this is a special one. Commonly known as the Mother of pearl, this butterfly is easily a contestant to one of the most beautiful butterfly in Africa.

As shown in the pictures the wings have a similar iridescence to a pearl. When seen in flight there is no words to describe it's beauty, with flashes of pink, purple, reflecting back as the angle of the wings changes in relation to the light.

The underside of the wings, also provides them with excellent camouflage with the leaf like aspect.

Also called Protogoniomorpha parhassus by it's scientific name and Family of the Nymphalidae, the Mother of pear can be found throughout the forested regions of sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to South Africa and Madagascar.

I carefully displayed it in a small dome to make it look as close to the wild life, and for you to be able to appreciate any angle of this butterfly

Small butterfly domes make excellent gifts, they don't take much space and look great on desk or shelve.

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