Parthenos Sylvia Clipper butterfly in a dome


Species Name: Parthenos Sylvia

Common Name: Clipper Butterfly

Origin: Soth East Asia

Size: 3.5" Base x 4" High Dome

Made in Australia

The Clipper is a powerful and fast flying butterfly. I chose to work with this butterfly, because of the complicated patterns on the wings, an inspiration when I do art, they reminds me little bit of the Maori tattoos. The Clipper loves forests and can be found in south and southeast Asia. In flight they alternate between short periods of gliding and shallow but rapid flickering wing beats. I carefully displayed it in a small dome to make it look as close to the wild life, and for you to be able to appreciate any angle of this butterfly Small butterfly domes make excellent gifts, they don't take much space and look great on desk or shelve. The scientific name for the Clipper is Parthenos sylvia, from the nymphalid butterfly species.

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