Framed Butterflies can Enhance Your Home’s Interior and Experience

October 19,2020 by Trevor Newman | Info Articles

Butterflies are majestic creatures, characterized by different wing patterns and beautiful colors. Thanks the subtle techniques of framing butterflies, you can now bring their beauty to the forefront in your home.

The Process

In order to truly appreciate these frames’ beauty, let’s look at how they are made. Adult butterflies are either captured alive or found dead, as long as their body remains intact. Their structure is preserved, using special envelopes.

Then, they are stored in containers filled with mothballs that helps keep their wings moist. This process is critical because after death, butterflies’ bodies become quite brittle. Antiseptics are also important to use in these containers as they prevent mold from developing. Once the insect has been relaxed, it is mounted to a board using insect pins. For a proper display, insect pins are inserted through the abdomen and both wings.

Custom Orders

The great thing about a butterfly frame is you can customize it, getting exactly what you want. You can search for unique specimens across several phyla. You can vary the species for a dynamic frame, or choose species you find the most attractive. It does take time to make these orders, though, since collectors have to scan their collection and make sure they have species in stock. Get a quote before asking for the frame. This helps you stay on budget as far as decorating your home goes.


Another benefit that comes with displaying butterflies in your home is the storage options available. You can put them into glass jars, boxes, and picture frames. Whatever option you decide to go with, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will dry out the butterfly, causing it to lose its aesthetic value.

If you are keeping butterflies in boxes or jars, make sure they are properly sealed. You don’t want air to circulate and cause mildew to develop all over the specimen. You might even get a device that measures moisture levels in your home. This allows you to make sure certain rooms are conducive to your butterfly collection.

Framed butterflies are elegant and bring life into any room they are displayed in. When you properly take care of them, you can maintain their aesthetic value for many years to come.


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Conservation, Education, and Beautification with Mounted Butterflies

November 22,2018 by Trevor Newman | Info Articles

Butterflies have always been synonymous with beauty. Who doesn’t love their intricate patterns in an almost infinite combination of colors, or how they fly with elegance? They’re so beloved, in fact, that butterfly sanctuaries have been established all over the world to conserve these lovely creatures and to educate people about them as well.

Besides watching these insects flit in your garden or visiting a sanctuary, however, there’s a wonderful way to appreciate their beauty for years to come— by having mounted butterflies in your home, or giving them as a gift. Not only do they make thoughtful presents for yourself and other people, but they come with several advantages as well.


Collecting and preserving butterfly specimens have long been an excellent way of conservation as well as documenting biodiversity. While natural history collections in museums are the greatest sources of information on the planet’s biological diversity, mounted butterflies complement these efforts as well. Such displays help other understand the living brothers and sisters of the specimen, thus raising and spreading awareness.

Learn New Things

Butterflies are incredibly diverse, and new species are constantly being discovered. In fact, eight new tropical butterfly species have been discovered in the year 2015 alone. If you’re passionate about nature, each butterfly frame in your collection means a deeper understanding of these gorgeous insects.

Fortunately, creators of butterfly art are willing to go the extra mile. If the butterfly you wish to order is not in the current list, some artisans will try and get that particular butterfly for you.

Invite Nature into Your Home

Finally, mounted butterflies are an incredibly unique way to decorate your home. A real butterfly in a frame retains its vibrant colors, making it seem alive and ready to fly at a moment’s notice. This makes them a spectacular showpiece and conversation starter anywhere you place them in your living space. Not only do they look incredible, but these butterfly frames make your home more warm and welcoming by providing a splash of nature.

Real butterfly art takes considerable skill to create, so make sure to find an artist that specializes in this art. Once you do, take your pick and enjoy this timeless piece of nature in the comfort of your own home.

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