Welcome to NEWMAN ART DESIGNS, a unique, e-source of real butterfly and insect art, some of the most beautiful, and real framed butterfly art on the internet.

We are just a small boutique company that finds satisfaction in the idea of mounting a real butterfly in a butterfly frame and making it available for customers to purchase and hang in their homes as decor. We actually got started doing this during the time that Trevor Newman was doing a Master of Science degree and needed to augment his income. What better way to do that was to frame and sell the very things he was studying whilst learning about the ecology, behaviour and reproductive physiology of animals. Thus it became a consuming passion to find out all about the spieces he would try and sell. Although he doesn't have a big collection of butterflies, he does like visitng museums and butterfly farms of which there are quite a few in Australia.

We specialise in artistic arrangements of insects (butterflies, beetles etc.) and arachnids (scorpions, spiders etc.) set either in acrylic domes or frames. We think you will agree, that we do produce beautiful framed butterflies and also such an enchanting range of butterfly art designs, and other rather unusual art using specimens like arachnids together many other species of insects and some vertebrates.

All the frames and domes are handcrafted in our warehouse, with meticulous care, using nature as the medium for artistic expression. Also find on our site an array of other art / giftware such as key rings and necklaces. Specimens chosen for use are of high quality, and are procured from butterfly farms throughout the world.

Because they are mostly farm bred, natural populations have a better chance of survival. the emphasis is on " natural art " not just presenting a preserved specimen per se, although, the singularly framed specimens in our range showcase the absolute beauty of butterflies. Each butterfly frame is like having a piece of the rainforest in your living room. Mounted butterflies are our specialty.


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